The Flash
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After a thrilling premiere, The Flash is speeding his way into fans' hearts!

The Arrow spinoff series debuted to 4.5 million viewers, with a 1.8 rating, making it the highest-rated series premiere on The CW in six years.

The second episode is titled Fastest Man Alive, and it will introduce Black aka Multiplex (Micheal Christopher Smith), a villain who has the ability to clone himself. Also, Barry (Grant Gustin) begins to realise that he's gotten in way over his head as a crime-fighting vigilante.

The CW has also released a new, one-minute trailer for the rest of the first season of The Flash, teasing what appear to be the first six episodes.

We get to see a look at Multiplex, The Mist, Captain Cold and more, and even a kiss shared between Barry and Felicity.

Arrow-Felicity-Barry Love triangle?

While Barry's romantic life is non-existent at the moment, with Iris dating Detective Eddie Thawne, the trailer reveals that he and Felicity, from Arrow, will lock lips.

Arrow season 3 premiere
Oliver- Felicity- Barry love triangle in the show? The CW official website

Previously, Gustin told The Hollywood Reporter that Felicity's trip to Central City in episode four "does complicate things for Barry."

Also, in Arrow Season 2, Barry and Felicity had their little moments, which annoyed Oliver Queen. They clearly have a lot in common but with Arrow and Felicity's date, it will be interesting to see how things work out.

Another promo shows Barry struggling with his new found identity. Also, the premiere twist ending - who exactly is Harrison Wells?

Wells is the man behind S.T.A.R. Labs, the facility where a particle accelerator exploded, giving Barry his super-sonic speed.

Harrison was seen confined to a wheelchair throughout most of the premiere episode, until the very end, when he walks into a secret room that has a newspaper from the future that predicts that The Flash will disappear in 10 years.

Andrew Kreisberg teases that the show is set in a world where time travel is possible through a cosmic treadmill, explaining that it will be a major aspect in the show.

"Time travel is going to play a big part in the overall series, but one of the things that we will discover is that time is mutable. As the good Doctor says, time can be rewritten, so not everything you see on the show is necessarily what's going to come to pass and not necessarily everything that's happened is fixed."

The Fastest Man Alive episode of The Flash airs on Tuesday, 14 October, 2014 at 8 pm ET on The CW.