Arrow Season 3
Oliver and Felicity kiss in the Arrow's season 3 teaser Arrow/facebook

CW's hit show Arrow's Season 3 filming is underway and the first teaser is already out.

The Season 3 premiere is titled 'The Calm' and it is "a complete inverse" of the show's first two seasons, in which Oliver was despondent, executive producer Marc Guggenheim told TVline.

While Episode 3 will focus on dad-to-be Diggle, Episode 5 delves into Felicity's past, he added.

Actor Stephen Amell took a break from his Green suit and interacted with the fans at the Fan expo Canada this weekend.

The actor discussed the DC Comics franchise success in the TV screen and acknowledged that the show is created for Comic book lovers all over the world, reported

"Arrow has been created by people who love comic books, and it was created in coordination and with the full participation of DC Comics," said Amell.

"We're not trying to make a TV show. We're trying to make something that's incredibly cinematic. We're trying to make something that's, ostensibly, a graphic novel," he added.

The actor also discussed the show's success and the new series of DC universe, which will be premiering this fall.

The Flash
Official poster of the new CW show The Flash The CW

"When I read reviews of Arrow in 2012, it was like, 'The pilot's good,' but as we know, comic book shows don't really work on TV," added Amell.

"And now of course this Fall, we have Gotham, we have the Flash, we have Constantine, we have iZombie. There's, what's that show on ABC? Agents? I can't remember," he said.

The actor also spilled a few details about the Arrow and Flash crossover episode, and confirmed that the third season will be the Hong Kong season of the show with regards to Oliver's flashbacks.

"We've filmed five episodes, and only three have flashbacks to Oliver," Amell said.

"The first episode will be 108 of Flash. It's called Flash vs. Arrow, or Arrow vs. Flash as the case may be. That sounds better," he added.

In the recently released teaser, Oliver and Felicity are seen kissing. When asked if they are going to fall in love this season? Amell teased, "It's a crazy episode."

"I log onto my Twitter, and I saw an image from Episode 301 of Felicity and I, and I immediately thought that the premiere had leaked. And I didn't realise it was a preview, because the image that was released was like the eighth most important thing that happens in the episode. It's a crazy episode," he said.

Watch Arrow Season 3 extended trailer here.