Manchester airport
Manchester Airport is one of the busiest airports across the UK PHIL NOBLE/Reuters

A flight travelling from Spain to the UK was forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger died suddenly on board.

The Ryanair flight, which took off from Malaga for Manchester, was cruising at 38,000 feet when a man became ill. It was an upsetting experience for other passengers on board as CPR was performed to revive him.

Once a medical emergency was declared on board, the Irish carrier diverted to the French city of Bordeaux. Efforts to revive the man were continued until the plane landed but he was eventually pronounced dead. A passenger fainted on board as the incident happened on Jan. 7, while children were left "confused and upset", according to reports in the local media.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), meanwhile, confirmed to the Manchester Evening News that the passenger who passed away was a British national and that their family was being supported.

One passenger, whose name was not revealed in media reports, said that after landing in Bordeaux, Ryanair informed them that they would be given alternative accommodation. Since options were limited, many ended up sleeping in the airport overnight before flying to their original destination of Manchester the next day.

"They asked if anyone was medically trained on board. We had to do an emergency landing in Bordeaux and a passenger next to us performed CPR the whole time that we were landing, but he unfortunately didn't make it.

"People became stressed and needed water and air but there was not enough water for everyone. A woman then fainted due to the stress of the situation. Many distressed children on board were very confused and upset. The pilot then announced we would not be continuing the flight and will have to stay overnight in Bordeaux," the anonymous passenger revealed.

It has also been reported that Ryanair is not required to refund the customers despite the medical emergency leading to the diversion and subsequent delayed journey back home.

There have been quite a few incidents regarding air travel recently. Last week, an Air Canada passenger sustained injuries after they opened a cabin door and plunged onto the tarmac. The incident happened on Jan. 8 while the Air Canada plane, a Boeing 777, was sitting on the tarmac at Toronto Pearson International Airport and was preparing to take off for Dubai.

Earlier this month, a passenger was found dead in the toilet of a Jet2 flight travelling from Spain to Manchester. The incident happened on Jan. 2, while Jet2 flight LS918 was travelling from Tenerife South Airport (TFS) in Spain to Manchester International Airport (MAN). After the passenger was discovered to be deceased, the aircraft was forced to divert to Cork International Airport (ORK) in Ireland.