Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, who joined the space station's Expedition 54 crew last month, found a unique way to make use of his free time by riding a vacuum cleaner just like Harry Potter did with his magic broom.

Although Shkaplerov did not fly like Mr Potter, he did manage to float around the ISS in the hilarious clip.

Posted on Instagram and Twitter, the video shows Shkaplerov enjoying a joy-ride on a slow-moving vacuum cleaner.

His hand stretched out like Superman and in the background, R Kelly's 'I Believe I Can Fly' is playing, which perfectly fits the mood.

As Daily Mail reports, in order to keep astronauts relaxed, flight planners on Earth give them some time off from work. During this time, the astronauts can exercise, watch movies and enjoy among themselves.

In this case, they were cleaning up the station when Shkaplerov decided to take a test drive. "I am often asked, but are we flying on a vacuum cleaner at the station? I always had to answer that I did not try," the astronaut said in the post (translated). "And here during the subbotnik, I thought that it's time to test the vacuum cleaner."

Shkaplerov even turned towards the camera for a quick salute while riding on the machine. The cosmonaut is currently serving as a flight engineer and will command the Space Station's Expedition 55.

Social media users are loving the video, which has got over 100,000 views on Twitter and 13,000 likes on Instagram thus far.

Russian cosmonaut
Russian cosmonaut aboard space station rides a vacuum cleaner in space STR/AFP/Getty Images