Flying Robot International Film Festival descends on San Francisco's Bay Area, Friff

The Flying Robot International Film Festival descends on San Francisco's Bay Area in the US on 19 November 2015. This event is a follow-up on the success of the New York City Drone Film Fest, which happened in March 2015.

It will be the first for the west coast of the US, where drones are becoming ubiquitous. Flying robot operators from all over the globe have been invited to this festival to show off footage shot with the help of cameras mounted on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The festival will showcase films in six different categories: Cinematic; Drones for Good; Aerial Sports; LOL WTF; I Made That!; and Student Films. Submissions will be accepted through to 15 September. All the films will be judged by fellow drone experts from various companies and web-communities. Movies should be no longer than five minutes and movies should have proper narration. Winning filmmakers will receive cash prizes, as well as drones and accessories.

Drones are now used by a lot of film-makers to capture scenes that require aerial vision Friff

Here is some instruction from the FRiFF's website: "Primarily, we're looking for films shot from the perspective of a flying camera that tell a story. Judges will shine favorably upon films with a good story. Your film does not need to exclusively contain aerial footage... but it should be central to the story you're telling."

Festival organizer Eddie Codel tweeted:


"Flying Robot isn't so much about the beauty of the films. The stories around some of the categories are just as important as the quality of the shots," event organizer Eddie Codel says, according to a news agency. Codel also pointed out that the flying robots serve great purposes too. For example, they help in fighting fires, finding missing people and delivering supplies in hard to reach areas and war zones. If you are drone enthusiast and expert in camera handling, visit the website to submit your application before it's too late.