Looking at the current state of the automotive industry, eco-awareness is evidently on top of the list. Manufacturers are progressively adopting green alternatives to reduce the impact combustion engines have on the environment. Even leading luxury brands are exploring the potential of advancements in battery technology. Ford, on the other hand, is introducing something remarkable with a new all-electric Mustang Lithium that comes equipped with a manual transmission.

What makes this American electric muscle car so groundbreaking is the innovative drivetrain configuration. Conventionally, EVs are designed to run on electric motors paired with a single-speed transmission system. Compared to traditional engines, battery-powered machines do not require multiple gears to reach the desired speed without an impact to torque. Nevertheless, purists who want mechanical control over their vehicle could do so with Ford's offering.

While there are all-electric sports cars that can rival the performance of regular models, the absence of a multi-speed transmission apparently does not sit well with racing enthusiasts. Hopefully, the upcoming Mustang prototype form Ford is a preview of what future models might bring to the table. Meanwhile, Engadget confirms it is an exclusive project that will take a while before it is ready for mass production.

#FordSEMA | Over 900 HP & 1000 ft.-lbs of instant torque. 6-speed manual transmission. ZERO emissions.

Meet Mustang Lithium, an ultra-high-performance battery electric #FordMustang prototype brought to you in partnership with Webasto -> https://t.co/mH5N49Gvvq pic.twitter.com/HLSVI3TNo2

— Ford Performance (@FordPerformance) November 5, 2019

The Blue Oval emblem is working together with Webasto to develop the Mustang Lithium. Powered by an 800-volt battery, the Mustang Lithium relies on a potent Phi-Power dual-core electric motor alongside dual power inverters. Insiders claim it is reportedly capable of producing over 900 horsepower. Testing shows it can generate up to 1,356 Nm of instantaneous torque, which is extraordinary, according to Motor1.

Equally notable is the customised six-speed Getrag MT82 transmission setup to add a more traditional vibe to the otherwise futuristic sports coupe. What follows is a Super 8.8 Torsen differential paired with Ford Performance half-shafts that direct power from the motors to the rear wheels. The Ford Performance suspension together with the strut tower brace enhances its handling. Finally, each wheel sports a six-piston Brembo brake system for superior stopping capabilities.

Unlike most EVs, the Mustang Lithium uses a single motor to accommodate the manual transmission system. Moreover, this supposedly reduces heat and weight that is common to dual-motor options. Ultimately, it should be noted that despite what the spec sheet says, the unique drivetrain of the EV adds heft and impacts the potential maximum speed.

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