Syrian President Bashar al-Assad revealed that captured Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) members will be tried by a special court. In Syria, the punishment for being an ISIS member is death by hanging. The one-sided court will try Syrian, Iraqi, as well as foreign ISIS members who are currently being held in prisons across the country. Assad claimed that the terrorists would be tried under "Syrian law" which hinted at the possible execution of the prisoners.

It is estimated that more than 10,000 ISIS members, including 2,000 foreign ISIS fighters, have been captured. The Syrian Democratic Forces are holding the prisoners until they face trial under a special terror court. 12 known jihadis from the United Kingdom as well as a few British women and children are being held in camps across Syria.

Supported by Russia and Assad, the Kurdish forces are holding strong against Turkey. It is feared that Assad will be using the captured foreign ISIS members as "bargaining chips." Even though most ISIS members from the UK are no longer British citizens, their families are still trying to bring them back.

Putin Hosts Assad to Discuss the Future of Syria
Assad and Putin.

While Turkey claimed that they would be sending back foreign ISIS fighters back to their countries, Syria is threatening them with death.

The Daily Mail pointed out that the prisoners being held in prisons like Saydnaya Prison are facing torture, sexual violence and deplorable living conditions. Amnesty International claims that the Syrian government has secretly executed a number of prisoners. Many more have died from torture and starvation.

Speaking to Paris Match, Assad revealed that any ISIS members in Syrian controlled areas face prosecution under Syrian law. Even though Assad did not specify that the terrorists would be hanged, his emphasis on them being subject to the Syrian law made it very clear. The likes of Jihadi Jack might soon have a noose around their necks.

In the same interview, Assad thanked Russia and Iran for their support. He was asked about his opinion on United States President Donald Trump's tweet thanking Syria for its involvement in ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's death. Assad seemed not to believe that Baghdadi is really dead. He claimed that the entire event was a "fantastic play" and Trump's mention of Syria was a joke.