Reversible charging cables are the latest trend in accessories for smartphones with the USB-C or Lightning port. But now, a magnetic cable has been developed to charge your Android or iOS device in an all-new manner.

Hong Kong-based aMagic has developed MagCable that serve as a magnetic charger for mobile devices. The cable comes in two variants -- microUSB magnetic form and Lightning magnetic cable. Both the variants have one-metre in length and come with a fast charging option. Moreover, the company has provided a neodymium magnet as a connector to the cable that is claimed to provide magnetic power even at a temperature as high as 200C.

MagCable does not have USB-C support as of now, but the presence of the magnetic plug makes it a reversible charging cable. This means that you can charge from either directions. Also, the magnetic plug resists devices from damages that often occur through constantly plugging and unplugging the cable.

The company claims that it has used cooper-made components under the cable to deliver fast charging support. In addition, there is a "smart indicator" that indicates charging status and helps locating the cable in the dark.

MagCable is currently available as a Kickstarter project for $12 (£8). The microUSB or Lightning adapter tip cable can be purchased for $15. Although the company is yet to debut in the offline market, it is claimed to offer shipments to all the Kickstarter backers sometime in November.