Following the big announcement by the Ministry of Defence about publishing the content of UFO investigation files, a former MOD chief has opened up about the content of these "British X-Files." The news of the publication of the files comes almost 10 years after the department in the United Kingdom was shut down.

According to Metro, Nick Pope, a former defence chief told the publication that these documents are actually "the third 'final' cache" that are due to be made public through a dedicated web page.

"While I welcome the news of this upcoming file release, the whole thing is in danger of becoming a Whitehall farce. That's because this is the third time that the MoD has talked in terms of the release of a "final batch" of files," Pope said.

Citing previous instances of missing documents, he expressed his concern about "the whole thing is in danger of becoming a Whitehall farce."

According to Pope, in June 2013, it took them five years to complete an archive with 209 files and 60,000 pages of documentation. However, it was later revealed that 18 files were missing.

"Each time the MoD claimed it had released all the files, conspiracy theorists in the UFO community said they didn't believe it, suspecting there were more files – and they were right. One wonders how many more "final releases" there will be!" Pope said who is now a global authority on 'unexplained aerial phenomena.'"

Pope's frustrations roots in the fact that he came out of his retirement to help promote the project. However, the delay in the original plans puts everything off-the-track and can cause embarrassment.

He goes on to describe the content of these final "British X-Files" and reveals that it may include public correspondence, sighting reports from people unaware of the closedown of the UFO project. Alongside this, it is expected to include MoD's response to Freedom of Information Act requests.

People dressed as aliens
372049 05: Groups dressed as aliens ride through downtown Roswell, New Mexico July 1, 2000 as they participate in the annual UFO Encounter, which runs through July 4, 2000. The annual festival stems from a mysterious crash northwest of Roswell in 1947. The Army initially said it was a UFO crash, but quickly backed off that report. The Pentagon has since said it was a top-secret balloon crash, but UFO enthusiasts don''t believe that story, which gives rise to what has become known as the 'Roswell Incident'. Joe Raedle/Newsmakers

He warns the audience that the files include interesting content but it is not a "smoking gun."

MOD's UFO project was launched in the early 1950s and was shut down in 2009. The departments documented and investigated reports of UFOs. It is said that the last report will include information about the sightings that took place from January through the end of November of 2009.