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One European Country Is Not Excited About Christmas 20th Century Fox

In a poll conducted by market research firm YouGov to gauge the Christmas festive mood in seven north European countries, France turned out to be the only country with a negative mood about Christmas.

When asked whether they agree or disagree with the question "are you looking forward to Christmas?", 57% of people in France said they disagree.

A low government approval rating, weak economic growth and anxiety over immigration are among the likely reasons for the the lack of Christmas enthusiasm in France, according to YouGov.

Meanwhile, 69% in the UK said they agreed, along with 67% in Finland, 76% in Denmark, 74% in Norway, and 71% each in Germany and Sweden.

An infographic produced by Statista about the poll is given below.

Infographic: One European Country Is Not Excited About Christmas | Statista
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