In an update to the shooting of four people in the French Alps on Wednesday, Police have said that post-mortem examinations will be carried out today on three members of the British family, named as: Saad al-Hilli, from Surrey, his wife, Iqbal, and mother-in-law, who were all shot in the head – and Sylvain Mollier, the French cyclist, who was found dead nearby their bullet ridden BMW car.

Police are hoping to question Iraqi-born Mr al-Hilli's four-year-old daughter Zeena, who spent about eight hours hiding in the car, following the shootings, before being discovered by officers.

Another daughter, Zainab, aged seven, is in a medically-induced coma in Grenoble University Hospital, after being shot once and suffering head injuries.

In response to possible motives, French Prosecutor, Eric Maillaud, said that one lead being followed was a possible dispute between brothers over money. He said: "It seems that there was a dispute between the two brothers about money."

This seems to be credible information coming from the British police.

Written and presented by Ann Salter.