A Chinese blogger has been put in jail for 15 days and will have to pay a £57 fine for offering free sex at a Hilton Hotel.

The 19-year-old posted on Sina Weibo - a Chinese social media platform similar to Twitter - on Thursday (1 March): "Somebody come get me... Sex... for free... 6316". Her post quickly went viral in Sanya, on the Chinese island of Hainan, and hundreds of strangers appeared at the hotel.

She also posted a video of herself in a bikini to entice people but later said it was a joke and pleaded with users to stop sharing the post. The profile is under the name "Qianjin Yeye" however it is not confirmed if this is her real name.

People were even calling the front desk of the Hilton Hotel, according to the Mirror. The post was also widely shared on the instant messaging app WeChat. Some people on the social media platforms have claimed around 3,000 people arrived at the hotel or called.

Eventually having had enough of people wandering the halls and calling the front desk, the Hilton called the police to complain. They arrived at around 10pm to find the 6316 room empty. It was later discovered that Yeye had left the hotel and checked into another at the Sanya Phoenix International Airport.

She was arrested on Friday (2 March) and charged with prostitution and disruption (of the Hilton Hotel). All her social media accounts have been suspended.