Syrian authorities have released iconic blogger and human rights activist Razan Ghazzawi along with other six women, AFP reported. They were part of a group of 14 activists arrested in a raid on the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression.

It was the second time Ghazzawi, an outspoken critic of President Bashar al-Assad's regime, was detained. In December, she was arrested by Syrian authorities on her way to a conference on media freedom. She faced three charges, all of which could have led to up to 15 years in jail, but was freed.

Nadine, sister of the blogger, tweeted on Monday: "#FreeRazan #Syria Sister is home :) but she can't leave the country anymore...they won't allow her :S"

In the aftermath of the arrest, #FreeRazan has gone viral on Twitter, calling for an immediate release of the activist.

"A New Chronicle: #Syrian Revolution : #FreeRazan is used once again !!" said blogger Zeinobia.

"Syrian forces arrested Razan Ghazzawi @RedRazan, the iconic blogger of Syrian Uprising with 13 others #Syria #FreeRazan," tweeted Mohamed El Gohary, Global Voices Lingua co-ordinator.

Among the other people still detained is the founder of the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression, Mazen Darwish.