#FreeThe4 hactivist movement, that is urging the world to take action against the King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, is all set to stage a protest outside the Saudi Embassy in London, on Monday (18 August).

King Abdullah has allegedly been starving his four daughters over a 13-year captivity, in a royal compound in Jeddah.

The princesses were enslaved after calling for equal rights for women in the Kingdom, and after their mother, Alanoud Al-Fayez, escaped to London in 2001.

The four daughters are aged between 38 and 42, with one of them reportedly suffering from psychological problems, according to RT News.

Two of the daughters, Princess Sahar and Jawaher, recorded a video message early in the year, detailing their conditions from a royal compound in Jeddah.

"It is psychologically tormenting," says Princess Sahar in the video message.

In recent news, Gala, the princesses' dog has starved to death, according to their mother, and former wife of King Abdullah, who claims her four daughters have suffered for years while being trapped in the royal compound.

World leaders and the Saudi government are being urged to take action against the modern day slavery.