The on-going saga of an alleged Presidential affair was still hitting the headlines of celebrity magazines on Friday (January 24).

International media attention first focused on French President Francois Hollande and his official partner First lady Valerie Trierweiler two weeks ago when a celebrity magazine published photos of what it claimed was Hollande in a motorcylist's helmet visiting actress Julie Gayet for nocturnal trysts.

French advertisers were quick to jump in to exploit the story in various advertising campaigns, each telling the tale with a humorous twist.

The now infamous pictures taken by a French paparazzo and published in the magazine Closer allege to show Hollande on the back of a scooter, driven by one of his bodyguards as he makes frequent trips to a Parisian flat.

One of the pictures published by Closer shows Hollande wearing a black helmet, his face hidden by a tinted visor.

The publication of this photo had an unprecedented impact on the company, which manufactures the very same helmet model.

Based in Northern France, received an abnormal number of orders for the helmet the weekend after the photographs were published.

The helmet model, now called 'Dexter President', was out of stock as a result. are now waiting for a fresh delivery to meet the growing demand for the helmet which sells for 200 euros, an average price for a motorcycle helmet.

One thing is for sure, this sudden publicity has had a tremendous impact on the company which only had to pay "a few thousand euros" to publish their message in Liberation.

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