Elsa vs evil Snow Queen in Frozen 2? Disney official website

Frozen 2 might still be under development at Disney but that has not stopped fans of the 2013 animated blockbuster to speculate the plot of the yet-to-be-announced sequel.

According to Moviepilot, an idea for the second movie could come from the original inspiration for Frozen - the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Snow Queen - which is apparently quite a dark storyline.

As per the website's description of the plot:

About this speculative plot, Enstars adds, "While this doesn't seem like the darkest route, it also seems a little more obscure than the magical, musical version that was so popular before. That being said, for a franchise that prides itself for being forward-thinking, it could possibly go a little darker with its story in order to tell something that feels new."

Well, it remains to be seen how Disney plans to approach the eagerly-awaited sequel. Meanwhile, fans are waiting for an official announcement confirming the film.