Galaxy Nexus
Galaxy Nexus Samsung

With the the bell rung and the Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S grudge match firmly underway, the IBTimes takes you through the opening stats, offering a complete buyers guide detailing the current deals and plans on both devices.

The Galaxy Nexus

Launched Thursday, the first Ice Cream Sandwich powered smartphone is currently available via Phones4U on a range of deals from Orange and Vodafone.

The cheapest monthly rate on the Galaxy Nexus comes from Orange, which charges £59 for the phone itself on a £31 per month two-year contract. The deal offers users 400 minutes, 3000 texts and comes with 750MB of data usage -- Vodafone offer the Galaxy Nexus for the same price but with only 300 minutes per month.

Just above it the best internet deal again comes from Orange which is offering 1GB of data on a £36 per month two year contract. Unfortunately, on the deal users will have to shell out an almost token £39 for the phone itself.

At the top-end of the spectrum Vodafone is offering the Galaxy Nexus free on a £46 per month contract. This high-price deal grants consumers a hefty 1200 minutes, 3000 texts and 750MB of data usage.

As an added incentive to consumers, Phones4U has pegged all the Galaxy Nexus plans with three months free W-iFi offer.

Sim-free the Galaxy Nexus has popped up on a variety of retailers with prices ranging from around £510 up to Amazon's £519.99.

The iPhone 4S

Released last month, thanks in no small part to continuing demand, the prices on Apple's iPhone remain high, leaving its cost fairly equivalent to the Galaxy Nexus.

Available in multiple versions the 16GB remains the best choice for those with slightly tighter purse strings. Phones4U are currently offering the device on a number of deals starting at £31 per month going up to the £51 per month mark.

The "cheaper" £31 per month deal is offered by Vodafone and charges a hefty £169 for the device and ties users to a two year contract. The deal offers users 300 minutes, 3000 texts and a 500MB data allowance. The higher £51 per month contract -- also from Vodafone -- offers the device free on a shorter 18 month contract. For their £51, users will be given 1200 minutes, 3000 texts and a 750MB per month data allowance.

Those looking for a little more storage can also shell-out a little more cash to get the 32GB version. The cheapest monthly deal comes from the Carphone Warehouse which currently offers the device on a £26 per month two year contract. Running on Vodafone's network, the deal asks a hefty £359 for the device and offers users a minuscule 100 minutes, 500 texts and a 250MB data allowance.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, again via the Carphone Warehouse on Vodafone's network, the 32GB iPhone 4S is available for free on a £62 per month two year contract. The contract gives users 3000 minutes, unlimited texts and a 1GB monthly data allowance.