Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Galaxy S25 Ultra rumors: Comfy design, upgraded cameras (new sensors!), and surprise MediaTek chip option Wikimedia Commons

Samsung's top-of-the-range phones are known for their sleek looks, and the company has developed a signature design that's easy to spot. But rumours around the tech mill suggests that the Galaxy S25 Ultra could be set for a major design overhaul.

Typically, the Galaxy S Ultra models have square shapes and sharp corners, while the other ones have curved edges. But it seems the Galaxy S25 Ultra might break this mould.

Leakster Ice Universe suggests the Galaxy S25 Ultra will ditch the sharp corners. Unlike its predecessor, the S24 Ultra, whose corners can be uncomfortable in hand without a case, the S25 Ultra might offer a more ergonomic design.

The Korean smartphone giant is addressing user feedback on the Galaxy S24 Ultra's design with the S25 Ultra. The phone's expected launch is early next year, so we expect more details about its design to surface later this year.

Galaxy S25 Ultra: Beyond The Design Revamp

The Galaxy S25 Ultra has been generating a lot of buzz lately. Samsung's next flagship phone is rumoured to boast significantly improved cameras. Just this week, new details emerged about the supposed camera upgrades leaked earlier on unspecified tech blogs.

Rumour suggests that the S25 Ultra will pack a new iteration of Samsung's 1/2.76-inch ISOCELL JN1 sensor. This sensor is marginally smaller than the one equipping the S24 Ultra but still boasts a 50-megapixel resolution.

The rumour mill also suggests a new 1/3-inch Samsung ISOCELL sensor for the 3x telephoto camera. This sensor is said to be slightly bigger than the one in the Galaxy S24 Ultra while matching the 50-megapixel resolution of the S25 Ultra's ultrawide sensor.

The source also hinted at new algorithms Samsung is supposedly working on to enhance photo and video quality. Still, specifics remain under wraps - "as it's really too early", according to the source.

Sticking with the main sensor, rumours suggest it might be identical in size and possibly even the same sensor as the S24 Ultra's. With the S25 launch likely happening in January 2025, there's ample time for more details to emerge in the coming months.

Galaxy S25 Ultra: A MediaTek Surprise?

With the Galaxy S25 series expected in early 2025, a key question has been Samsung's choice of chipset. While speculation pointed towards either Snapdragon or Exynos processors, a new rumour throws a curveball. There could potentially be a third variant – a MediaTek-powered Galaxy S25.

According to a report by South Korean publication The Financial News, Samsung might equip the Galaxy S25 series with "not only Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and Exynos 2500 but also Taiwan's MediaTek Dimensity chip."

If true, this mystery MediaTek chip could be the yet-to-be-announced Dimensity 9400. Early leaks this year suggest this MediaTek chip might even outperform the Snapdragon option, sporting the model number MT6991.

This processor is said to be built using TSMC's cutting-edge second-generation 3nm N3E manufacturing process. The report offers little to solidify the MediaTek claim.

However, it cites leakster @PandaFlashPro, who suggests that Samsung's Exynos 2500 yield currently sits above 40 percent, with the company aiming to improve it further by August. The Exynos chip likely needs a yield rate of at least 60 percent for mass production.

A recent Samsung study revealed that 45 percent of busy Britons rely on AI to save time on everyday tasks, so it'll be interesting to see if the S25 Ultra offers improved AI features. While the current Galaxy AI features are free until the end of 2025 on the Galaxy S24 series, it remains to be seen if Samsung will extend this offer for the upcoming S25 lineup.