NASA has detected a huge asteroid approaching Earth. The fast-approaching space rock will come very close to the planet on Thursday, December 26, when the world will be celebrating Boxing Day.

According to Express, the mammoth-sized rock is moving at the breakneck speed of 27,447 miles per hour and it is measured to be the size of 620 meters by 200 meters. The report suggests that if it hits Earth, it could leave a huge area of its size uninhabitable.

The asteroid that will pass through Earth on Thursday, December 26 is named 310442 (2000 CH59). It is said to be an Apollo class asteroid that belongs to a class of asteroids with Earth-crossing orbits. These are also referred to as near-Earth asteroids and are considered potentially hazardous. However, it is worth noting that not all asteroids flying close to earth are disastrous.

So, is there a fear of collision this Christmas? Space is like a barrel of gunpowder. Every day, earth escapes several such explosions and collisions in outer space. According to NASA, as cited by Business Insider, the gigantic asteroid will not come closer than 7.3 million kilometers to Earth.

This is just one of the many asteroids that will be passing through or brushing against our planet. According to Metro, another huge rock termed 216258 2006 WH1 is coming for a close encounter with Earth just a few days ahead of Christmas. It is said to be wider than 500 meters and has the potential of wiping off an entire city.

It will come as close as 3.7 million miles from Earth. This may sound like a big number, but it is an earshot in astronomical units.

Asteroid whizzed past Earth
Whale-sized asteroid whizzed past Earth, noticed one day later Nasa

Among others, there is 280 meters by 620 meters Asteroid 481394 (2006 SF6) reaching the closest distance to earth on Thursday, November 21 at 4.3 million kilometers. But before that, there is JD1 (2015) measured to be 200 by 450 meters arriving on Sunday, November 3.