A colourful local London politician who used to advise Boris Johnson has claimed that he bedded an Arsenal striker.

Brian Coleman confessed on his personal blog called "The king of bling is back".

Writing about the uncertainty around the future of lower league football club Barnet FC, he mentioned the gay tryst almost in passing but did not name the player or say when the activity took place.

He told readers: "For someone who has little interest in football, although I did attend Barnet v Port Vale at Underhill a couple of years ago, and once slept with an Arsenal striker, I am not fussed if Barnet survive in the Football League or bothered where they play."

His comment could reopen interest in the subject of homosexuality in football, with so few players prepared to openly declare their sexuality. In previous years, the climate was even more adverse for footballers struggling to deal with the issue in the face of often naked homophobia within the game and from fans.

Coleman's blog
Coleman\'s blog

Coleman has been embroiled in controversy of late, which saw him stripped of places on Barnet Council committees. In 2012, the 51-year-old maverick lost his position at Johnson's side after being voted off the London Assembly in elections.

The 51-year-old was also suspended by the Conservative party after a woman claimed he attacked her as she filmed him flouting parking rules which he had helped draw up in the council chambers.

And he caused fury at one Barnet Council meeting by branding women hecklers as "mad, bad, old hags".

Coleman has described his own views as "robust" and claimed to feature in a list of the top 50 most powerful gay men and women in the UK.