In a bid to improve transparency on gender equality matters, the British Home Office has initiated a drive called "Think, Act, Report."

The Government Equalities Office said Wednesday it is committed to developing a fairer and more flexible labour market that draws on the talents of all to build a stronger economy.

It supports voluntary efforts to promote gender equality in the workplace and reduce the pay gap.

Home Secretary and Minister of Women Theresa May said, "Business should be congratulated for making this positive step towards greater transparency, which will help close the gender pay gap".

She said women have mad great strides in the workplace, buut there is still a long way to go.

Organizations like Confederation of British Industry (CBI), British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), Engineering Employers' Federation (EEF), Arbitration and Conciliation Advisory Service (ACAS), National Council of Voluntary Organizations (NCVO), Chartered institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Opportunity Now, Trade Union Congress (TUC), Unite, Equality and Human Rights Commission, Government Equalities Office, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills -- will be enlisted to bring in more transparency in gender equality.

Ian Living Stone, BT Chief Executive, welcomed the new framework for voluntary equality reporting and said, "BT has been publicly reporting its own gender and diversity employment figures for more than a decade."

Judith Nelson, Personnel Director, Tesco UK, echoed similar opinion saying, "more than half of our 300,000 staff are women and we are passionate about giving every one of them the opportunity and the support to fulfill their potential."

The report has been designed by the Government Equalities Office and the instructions for employers were framed by ACAS. It offers a gradual approach for employers to recognize the hurdle facing their female employees, initiate actions to address the problems identified, and report on their improvement.

The reporting outline is simple, mainly focused on big and standard enterprises, the regulator emphasized.