Brexit is one of the most interesting political controversies of recent times. It is so interesting that it has become the subject of a new zombie apocalypse TV series directed by Ben Wheatley.

Wheatley, who has directed movies such as "High Rise," "Sightseers," "Kill List" and "Free Fire," has been commissioned to direct a new series set in post-Brexit Britain by Channel 4. The show will be called "Generation Z," and the story will be focused on a group of teenagers fighting with residents of a local retirement home. The retirees have turned into zombies due to the leakage of a toxic substance which comes from the military.

The show is set in a hypothetical post-Brexit scenario, where austerity, increasing property prices and increased student and political issues present a bleak present and future for the country. Taxes that are collected in the country are given to pensioners, who make life miserable for everyone else. Tensions flare when a military truck crashes into a retirement home.

The truck is carrying a mysterious chemical, which leaks into the local environment because of the crash. The chemical leak transforms smug pensioners into flesh-eating zombies. It makes for the perfect villainous mix – the pensioners are old and angry and now they are hungry for people's flesh.

A company called Forge will be producing the TV show.

Wheatley told The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm excited to be working with Channel 4 and The Forge. Generation Z is my first original created TV project and I couldn't think of better partners."

The series is expected to go into production next year, with Wheatley, Mark Pybus, and George Faber as executive producers.

Brexit is yet to go through and it remains to be seen what's in the cards. While Prime Minister Johnson has promised that he won't go through with a no-deal Brexit, he has also promised that he will finish the negotiations by Halloween – 31st October 2019. It seems that "Generation Z" might be the first but not the only TV series on the subject. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch is also rumored to be acting in a Brexit-based TV series.

Brexit Protests London
Protesters from the leave Brexit camps demonstrate on College Green on March 12, 2019, in London, England. (Georgia O'Callaghan/Getty Images)