A genetically modified "jellyfish lamb" has inadvertently been eaten in France after it was sent to an abattoir by mistake.

The lamb, named Ruby, was bred for scientific research last autumn. It had been genetically modified with jellyfish protein in order to give it transparent skin.

The lamb was being used for research on transplants in cases of heart failure.

According to a report in Le Parisien, the lamb had been genetically altered at the National Agricultural Research Institute and sent to a slaughterhouse at the end of last year. The meat was purchased by an unknown customer in Paris.

A statement from the NIAR said: "A female lamb, born to a sheep that was genetically modified as part of a medical research programme, was sold to a person in the Paris region in October 2014.

"Although this ovine did not present any risk to humans or the environment, the institute has just informed local prosecutors about this breach of environmental regulations."