The BBC is very much under the spotlight again today, over its role in investigating the wide spread Jimmy Savile sexual abuse allegations.

This morning the Director General George Entwistle will appear before the Commons culture, media and sport select committee.

Entwistle's appearance follows on from the announcement yesterday by Peter Rippon Editor of Newsnight that he would 'stand down pending investigations' after it emerged the BBC had decided to pull a Newsnight programme, which exposed Savile's activities and claims that several other members of staff at the BBC were involved in a paedophile ring. As it clashed with a planned tribute to the BBC star.

MPs will want to ask Mr Entwistle about the decision by Newsnight's editor Peter Rippon to pull his programme's investigation into Jimmy Savile last December .He is also expected to answer questions regarding a reported conversation with BBC director of news Helen Boaden, in which she told him about the Newsnight investigation and its possible impact on planned tributes to Savile. So in light of that information, why did he allow the Christmas all singing and dancing tribute programme to go ahead?

Meanwhile, as the abuse claims run into hundreds and Savile now at the centre of a criminal investigation, two charities set up in Savile's name are to close. The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust and the Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandeville Hospital Trust said they had considered continuing under new names, but felt they would always be linked in the public's mind with the late presenter. They said all their funds would be distributed to other charities.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter