British lawmakers on Tuesday (April 16) criticised the postponement of the weekly debate at the House of Commons which clashes with the funeral for former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Britain's House of Commons holds Prime Minister's Questions (PMQ) - a debate held every Wednesday of each week, and allows lawmakers to ask the prime minister questions on the week's political events.

The postponement would allow for ministers to attend Thatcher's funeral - a motion that prompted criticism.

"We did not suspend our democracy in our darkest hours, why are we suspending it now?" said lawmaker George Galloway, addressing the House of Commons on Tuesday.

"It was said from one of the iron-clad consensus on the front benches, that this was a national funeral. I'm sorry but it is not a national funeral. You can only have a national funeral where there is a national consensus about the person being buried and that consensus does not exist in relation to Mrs. Thatcher -- and no matter how oft people from the front benches fawn upon her, pour honeyed words upon her even, outside of this House of course, tell lies about her and her record -- that won't change," he continued.

"This Thatcherite chorus over there will be better to show just a touch of sensitivity to the fact that there are millions of people in this country hate Margaret Thatcher and those who followed her," said Galloway.