George Galloway MP
George Galloway MP

Firebrand MP George Galloway will bid to stop David Cameron from attending Margaret Thatcher's funeral by keeping the Prime Minister in Parliament all day.

A government motion to cancel all parliamentary business on the day of the former Prime Minister's funeral has been tabled.

Respect MP Galloway, an outspoken critic of the former PM, has vowed to object to the motion in the House of Commons - using the machinery of parliament to get the motion withdrawn, or else debated fully on the day before the funeral service at St Paul's Cathedral.

If he succeeds then Cameron, Labour leader Ed Miliband and hundreds of other MPs will be prevented from paying their respects.

Bradford West MP Galloway made his reasons clear for seeking to stop Cameron and MPs from attending Baroness Thatcher's funeral.

Three-time PM Thatcher died from a stroke at the Ritz Hotel in central London, last week. Her death sparked heated debate over her impact on Britain.

Among her dying wishes was for the Prime Minister to deliver a reading to mourners at her funeral.

Party leaders are set to attend funeral
Party leaders are set to attend funeral

Describing mourning at her death as "absurd" and "totally unnecessary fawning," Galloway railed against Thatcher's legacy.

"People are very angry in Britain," he told BBC. "How long have we got to observe this for a woman who caused such destruction to this country?

"We're spending £10m on the canonisation of this wicked woman who laid waste to the Scotland, Wales, and the north."

Writing on his website about his motion plot, Galloway wrote: "It really is imperative that the prime minister is questioned, among other things, about his decision to impose a quite unnecessary and expensive early return of parliament which was simply a hideous outpouring of right-wing eulogies and rants doused in crocodile tears.

"I'm glad to see, that like me, more than a hundred Labour MPs stayed away from the circus."

Conservative MP, Bernard Jenkins said efforts to disrupt Thatcher's funeral "undermined the country."

He said: "I hope what protesters will respect is that a great number of people in the nation want to honour her memory in the right way.

"I think people who are protesting at t manner this funeral is taking place are undermining this country."

He predicted Thatcher would be remembered for "centuries to come," he told BBC.