UK Respect Party leader George Galloway released a video on 28 April, in which he claimed there were plans to mount a coup to "overthrow Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour party," using Ken Livingstone's highly controversial "Hitler was a Zionist" comments as leverage.

Former London mayor Livingstone was suspended following claims he made during a BBC London interview over Adolf Hitler supporting Zionism. Livingstone made the incendiary remarks while discussing his fellow Labour party politician Naz Shah, who was also suspended a day earlier over a reported endorsement of an anti-Semitic Facebook post.

"The supporters of Israel have the whole political class now dancing to their tune," Gallowayclaimed in the video. "Sadiq Khan has promised a festival of Tel Aviv in London to celebrate Tel Aviv, and thus, celebrate the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians across the last 70 years."

The suspension of Ken Livingstone is a crime against Labour. Worse than that, it is a gigantic blunder. The consequences will be grave.

— George Galloway (@georgegalloway) April 28, 2016