UK Respect Party leader George Galloway released a video on 28 April, in which he claimed there were plans to mount a coup to "overthrow Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour party," using Ken Livingstone's highly controversial "Hitler was a Zionist" comments as leverage.

Former London mayor Livingstone was suspended following claims he made during a BBC London interview over Adolf Hitler supporting Zionism. Livingstone made the incendiary remarks while discussing his fellow Labour party politician Naz Shah, who was also suspended a day earlier over a reported endorsement of an anti-Semitic Facebook post.

"The supporters of Israel have the whole political class now dancing to their tune," Gallowayclaimed in the video. "Sadiq Khan has promised a festival of Tel Aviv in London to celebrate Tel Aviv, and thus, celebrate the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians across the last 70 years."