Public Humiliation: German players celebrate after Toni Kross scored their forth goal. Pornhub

Brazil suffered the greatest humiliation in footballing history when they lost 7-1 to the unrelenting machine that is Germany at the World Cup Semi-finals.

While some fans were left shocked by the whipping that the hosts received, other couldn't resist adding salt to the wound.

During the epic showdown, which saw Brazil completely dominated by the Germans, fans began flooding adult site Porn Hub with footage from the embarrassing game.

In one clip entitled "Young Brazilians get f**ked by entire German soccer team", members of the German side are seen celebrating after Toni Kross scored the fourth goal.

The site later took to Twitter to plead with users to stop uploading the clips, while also addressing Brazil's shambolic performance.

But the jokes about the defeat did not stop there.

Brazil's annihilation has become the most discussed sports event in Twitter history, racking up over 35 million tweets, and peaking at over 580,000 tweets per minute.