Russian sailors have captured a rare phenomenon on video – a giant squid surfacing for feeding.

Although the exact species of the squid is unclear, it is likely a giant squid as it is not as large as a colossal squid – although it could be a baby.

The video shows the sailors prodding the gargantuan cephalopod with a pole in a desperate bid to stop it feeding on their catch.

Eventually the large critter gives up and looks for food elsewhere.

Giant squid
The giant squid is one of the more terrifying creatures to be found in the ocean's depths

Not a great deal of information is known about the giant squid as it rarely comes to the surface for humans to see, although they are often washed up on beaches after death.

Estimates suggest that males grow to around 10ft in length, whereas females are slightly larger at 13ft. The first pictures of a living giant squid residing in its natural habitat were not captured until 2004.

The creatures are rarely spotted by humans due to the deep depths in which they dwell. Their eyes are larger than a basketball, which allows them so see in the dark.