Google is giving away a prize of £43,000 to the lucky winner who can successfully complete a treasure hunt, using Google Earth and clues found in an accompanying book.

Inspired by Masquerade - the 1980s treasure hunt book that led to people digging up public land to find a golden hare - the book contains 14 puzzles that can be cross-referenced with the online maps of Google Earth, and the answer to each clue will combine to give the final location.

13. Google Energy.
What location on Google Earth does this clue point to? Google

The book's creature and self-titled puzzle master, Dedopulos said: "You really don't need to be a genius to solve it. You just need some persistence, some observation and a bit of lateral thinking.

The creator of The Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google Earth said on the associated website: "I, Dedopulos, will be your puzzle master. I will guide you through the hunt. I'll share my thoughts and provide you with clues, but beware, I may also mislead you. I have created a cunning labyrinth out of the very world itself...the clues, taken together, will lead you to a solution - perhaps a place, a person, an object or a concept."

The competition closes at midnight on 31 March 2012, and the winner will be announced on 30 April 2012, when the answer will be published along with the winner's name and country of residence or, if no correct answer is received, a statement saying so.

The Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google Earth book can be purchased at