A probable 400-ft ice ship encrusted in an iceberg 100 miles from the Antarctica coast has been spotted on Google Earth on August 7. The discovery was shared on a video by a Google Earth and YouTube user MrMBB333 who calls himself the Earth Watchman.

The mysterious ice structure was picked up on Google Earth just south of New Zealand. It strongly resembled the shape of a cruise ship with visible windows and recognisable outlines of chimneys. The recent sighting has since sparked a lot of conspiracy theories from believers who strongly stand by a number of speculations of things hidden underneath the frozen continent. Talks on the existence of a secret Nazi base, ancient civilisations and an alien fortress are just some of the ideas being put forward to explain several mysterious images caught on Google Earth.

In one of the YouTube creator's videos, he highlighted a portion of the frozen Antarctic terrain pointing out what he thinks could be a ship. The image showed a large chunk of ice sticking out above the white snow-covered landscape. As he switched to 3D view, the image turned out to be the exact shape, form and unmistakable outline of a cruise ship. Upon closer examination, the structure appeared to be 400 feet long.

His other findings featured another patch of ice which he claims could possibly be entryways. He added that the random iceberg looks like it was built with a purpose and the symmetrical features shows it had exact 90-degree angles which foretells the structure was "created."

The images seem to have added more fuel to ruminations about Antarctica. The video has gathered more than 46k views and many have gone on debates over a string of mysterious possibilities hidden underneath. Some have laid claim to the fact these could just be proof of early explorations of the vast icy terrain. Some say there is a secret vessel hidden under the ice that was built to evacuate the rich and elite in case of a global disaster.

"They've been going down there for 80 years or more so there's no telling what they've found or left behind," said one user.

Another spoke of the world's naivety to still be unaware of such things or refuse to acknowledge this when politicians, religious leaders and old astronauts have been invited to Antarctica.

Some of the other comments highlighted a Nazi conspiracy saying that Antarctica formerly housed a Nazi army base. It specified that Plaidens, an otherworldly race, helped the Third Reich leader. The user spoke of Hitler's dealings with a group of extraterrestrial beings that have blonde hair and blue eyes who were given human DNA samples to make hybrid humans to rule the new race.

While others were less impressed and scoffed at the absurdities of such conspiracy theories, many agree that the vast, cold and mysterious continent needs to be given more attention.

Sea ice forming off the edge of Nobile Glacier on the Antarctic Peninsula during Operation IceBridge’s first flight of the 2017 Antarctic campaign NASA/Nathan Kurtz