Google in Education: A New and Open World for Learning
Goggle team launched an eBook “Google in Education:A New and Open World for Learning”, which deals with how to use the Google's products and services for education . Google Education

Google has launched an eBook, titled "Google in Education: A New and Open World for Learning", to help students, teachers and organisations learn how to use the Google's products and services.

The company has revamped its Google Education site which will become a one stop shop for searching information, says a press statement from Google.

The website has three main sections - for teachers, for organizations and for students. The teachers section reveals links to Google apps for education, a lesson plan search, classroom videos, professional development webinars and tutorials, and online communities for teachers to share their ideas.

The organization tab includes links to both non-profit and community organizations and school districts and higher education institutions.

The student section offers chance to join competitions, participate in online programs and apply for Google-sponsored awards.

A Google+ page also has been created where everyone can stay updated with the current educational tools, products and programs and give their opinions and views.