The adapted logo is causing the bakery chain frustration on Twitter Google

Bakery chain Greggs is facing an embarrassing public relations nightmare this afternoon after a Twitter user spotted something odd happening when the company's name is googled.

Search 'Greggs' on Google and the logo that appears alongside the company slogan on the right-hand side of the page appears to have been adapted.

It now reads: "Greggs, Providing s**t to s**m for over 70 years".

Greggs has been quick to react on Twitter, replying to users who point out the flaw with a series of grovelling, humorous and likeable tweets.

This is not the first time the Google search engine has published inaccurate information. Last week, the small village of Skellow in South Yorkshire became the butt of an internet joke when users noticed a Google Maps bungle which meant an X-rated shot of a naked man appeared next to the regional information.

Greggs are responding to everyone who brings the logo to their attention Twitter @GreggstheBakers

Something similar happened to PC World in March, when people noticed that if you looked up the company on Google, their logo had been replaced with the tagline: "PC World, Like hell but with worse customer service".

Greggs say they are working to get the false logo removed as quickly as possible.