Google will reveal details of its Nexus smartwatch next month, ahead of a full launch at Google I/O in June.

According to a source speaking to, Google will discuss its Nexus smartwatch in a blog post in March, with the device making its debut at the company's developer conference, Google I/O, which takes place on 25-26 June.

Google will once again work with South Korean smartphone manufacturer LG as its hardware partner in this project, following successful collaborations with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 smartphones.

Google has used its Nexus programme to launch high-profile smartphones and tablets designed to showcase the company's mobile Android operating system.

Further details come from TechCrunch, who spoke to people familiar with the Nexus smartwatch, who said that an early prototype of the smartwatch had similar features to the Pebble Steel such as a metal strap, square face and colourful digital display with gradient background.
However Google is now thought to have decided to release a watch with a plastic band instead which will feature a full-colour display.
Reports that the Nexus smartwatch will be released by Google at its I/O conference in June were given more credence by a tweet from renowned tech leaker @Evleaks who tweeted:

Hardware specifications

As with previous Nexus launches, Google is expected to take the lead in promoting the Nexus smartwatch, with LG left to concentrate on getting the hardware right. Details of the hardware specifications for the watch - such as screen size, processor etc - are not yet known.

Google's smartwatch is expected to work primarily with the Google Now voice assistant and will run a custom version of Android designed to work on a much smaller screen.

Samsung last year launched the Galaxy Gear smartwatch which ran Android but was widely criticised for poor performance and battery life. Samsung has decided to move away from Android for its second generation smartwatches - the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo - which it has just announced at Mobile World Congress.

Ripe for exploration

The wearable market was described as "ripe for exploration" by Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2013, and the iPhone maker is expected to launch its own iWatch later in 2014.

Google will no doubt look to address a number of the problems that people have had with the first generation of smartwatches, which had been bulky devices with limited compatibility and functionality.

The Google Now interface, which Google has been developing on smartphones for the last few years, has a carded interface that could translate very easily to a smartwatch.

Google has been developing the voice-controlled capability of Android in recent years, with the Moto X recently showing just what can be achieved when voice control is put at the centre of a product.

Google is already a major player in the wearable market - which Juniper Research claims will be worth $19 billion by 2018 - with its Google Glass product finally due to go on sale to the public in 2014. A major Google Glass announcement is also expected at Google I/O in June.