Google has unveiled a lot of innovations on its social network as part of a holiday season package.

In order to help users not to miss important posts from people in their close circles, Google has added fine-grained controls that help users "graphic-equalize" and fine-tune their stream. While viewing the stream for a particular circle, the users can now see a slider at the top that lets them adjust how posts from that circle should be blended into the main stream, the internet search giant has said on its blog.

Page updates:

The redesigned Google bar will now have a red notifications indicator. "Sneak previews" of the notifications have also been introduced to alert the users on what is new over there. The other innovations include the ability to see the +1's and shares the posts have received since the previous check.

The social network now allows businesses to assign up to 50 administrators for a page. A new notification stream will facilitate better page management by allowing administrators stay in the loop on all the activity that takes place on a page. Businesses can also see an aggregated count of users that have engaged with their page, either by +1'ing it or by adding it to a circle, the blog post has said. This will help both the administrators and visitors have an at-a-glance summary of who is interacting with the page.

New photo lightbox and tagging:

There are major innovations on Google Photos component too. "Viewing a photo in Lightbox has been completely redesigned with improved navigation, enhanced comment legibility and better overall utility," the blog has said. A new photo-tagging option too has been added so that users can readily focus on the people in their photos.

The new additions will roll out in a few days, Google has said.