The Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel today, as he seeks more time for Greece to make spending cuts. He will then travel to France on Saturday for talks with President Francois Hollande.

This is Angela Merkel with Francoise Hollande saying that although this is hard,Greece must stick to its reforms.

"The issue of Greece and the question of how we will receive our colleague Samaras who will visit us both over the next two days. It is important for me that we all stay true to our commitments and above all wait for the troika report to see what the result is. But we will, and I will, encourage Greece to continue on its path to reform, which has demanded a lot of the Greek people."

Meanwhile an option floated to the Greek PM to raise cash, has been to sell off some of its islands or historical treasures such as The Acropolis or even The Pantheon to developers. And in an interview in French newspaper Le Monde, Samaras gave his clearest hint yet that it may be on the cards. Saying that, if they did, lease some of the estimated 1200 islands, to developers and private buyers they would be able to build houses could revive the country's economy by bringing in more foreign investment and more tourists. Luckily it looks as if the Acropolis is still safe then.

Written and presented by Ann Salter