Guardians of the Galaxy

Remember Planking? Or Coneing? Maybe you have fond memories of Eastwooding, Vadering or Owling? Silly trends like these have been around for a while and a new one might be about to grip the world.

Grooting stems (hehe) from a scene in Marvel Studios' wildly popular summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy in which hero Groot (a talking tree alien) is growing anew in a plant pot dancing to the Jackson Five.

You can watch the scene below...

Audiences fell in love with the miniature Groot, prompting Marvel to release a toy version last week, and the birth of 'Grooting'. Rather than explain it, I'm going to let one of the film's stars Michael Rooker - who played Star Lord's adoptive space dad Yondu – show you.

Will it take off? Marvel certainly hope so, opening the latest episode of their YouTube series The Watcher with an instructional video asking fans to use the hashtag #Grooting when uploading their own videos.

Time will tell if it all takes off, but the film is certainly enough of a success that it's likely. Marvel's riskiest film to date recently overtook Transformers 4 to become the biggest film of the summer at the US box office and has topped $500 million worldwide.