HackVDay: Anonymous Hackers Punish US Weapons Maker
Image Credit: Reuters

On the anniversary of the Bahrain uprising, Anonymous hackers have targeted Combined Systems, defacing the US weapons maker's site.

Credited as a being part of both the HackVDay Valentines Day rampage and a wider protest commemorating the Bahrain uprising's anniversary, news of the attack broke on Tuesday.

As well as defacing Combined Systems' website, the hackers also posted a statement under the Anonymous moniker on Pastebin.

In it the Anon - the word Anonymous members use to refer to themselves - cited law enforcement and military forces' use of the company's weapons as its primary motivation for the attack.

"So you war profiteering all crazy, selling mad chemical weapons to militaries [sic] and cop shops around the world, thinking you will get away unscathed by the rising tides of insurrection? Think again, assholes.

"Combined Systems, lay down your arms: you just lost the game. In the past we have marched on your offices in Jamestown, Pennsylvania: now it is time to march on your websites." Read the statement.

Within the Pastebin statement the hackers also posted data allegedly taken in the raid. This included names addresses, phone numbers and password information of a number of CSI employees and clients.

Combined Systems is a weapons maker that produces tear gas canisters, it has contracts with several law enforcement and military agencies and forces across the world.

"You shot and gassed protesters, running them off public parks in the US. Several dozen died because of your tear gas used in Egypt. You wave the Israeli flag outside of your offices, while just two months ago your tear gas cannisters [sic] fired by the IDF killed a man in the West Bank. Did you think we forgot? Why did you not expect us?"

The Bahrain uprising began in February 2011 when thousands of pro-democracy protesters took to the streets. Since the protest began there have been numerous clashes between protesters and Bahrain authorities, many ending with tear gas and stun grenades being used against demonstrators.

To date, official numbers remain vague; reports suggest at least 60 people have been killed since the uprising began. Further violence is expected around Pearl Roundabout since protest leaders pledged to re-take the area.