Taiwanese legislators resorted to hair-pulling and water-splashing during a parliamentary session in Taipei on Tuesday (June 25).

The main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) complained that the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) did not respect legal procedures when it signed a service trade pact with China over the weekend, and demanded a clause-by-clause review of the bills, especially on controversial issues.

The legislators were scheduled to process the final readings in easing rules on a new capital gains tax on stock trading, law on public debt, 12-year compulsory education, and referendum on building the fourth nuclear power plant

But the session soon descended into chaos as legislators occupied the podium - spilling water, pulling-hair and jostling for position.

Scuffles often break out over bills in the self-ruled island's sharply divided parliament. In the past legislators have been known to hurl lunchboxes and microphones at each other.

Presented by Adam Justice