Michael Jackson on the HIStory World Tour in 1996
Michael Jackson on the HIStory World Tour in 1996 Hulton Archive

This weekend it's not just Labor Day that's being celebrated, but it's also Michael Jackson's 56<sup>th birthday, and fans around the world are remembering the late singer's impressive contributions to the music industry.

Fans of the king of pop are encouraged to celebrate his existence on social media using the #MJWeAreOne hashtag, as part of the Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson One campaign.

Fans are encouraged to share a video over Instagram and then pin it to a map on the official Michael Jackson website to celebrate how the star has inspired them to make "the world a better place".

Internet users can also share content using the #MJGBP2014 hashtag on Twitter, which stands for the MJ Global Birthday Party, an exclusive website running live music, chatrooms, fan-made videos and live 3D video content from Google + Hangouts.

There are also tribute festivals happening around the world, such as the one happening in Gary, Indiana this weekend.

Join us as we take a look at our top 10 favourite Michael Jackson music videos:

1. Motown 25: First moonwalk

Okay, so we're cheating a little by including this video, but this was Jackson's very first recorded moonwalk performance at the Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever 1983 TV special:

2. Thriller

This 13-minute-long music video is one of the most ambitious ever created. Directed by John Landis, it was the first music video to premiere worldwide on MTV and won a Guinness World Record for being the the most successful music video ever:

3. Smooth Criminal

The track Smooth Criminal is from the 1987 Bad album and the video features Jackson performing the famous 45-degree anti-gravity lean. The 1930s-style ganster music video won three awards - Best Music Video at the 1989 Brit Awards, the Critic's Choice "Best Video" award and the People's Choice Awards for "Favorite Music Video":

4. Black or White

Upon its release Black or White was broadcast in 27 countries to an audience of 500 million viewers, the most ever at one time for a music video. Featuring a cameo from McCaulay Culkin, the video was controversial for featuring potentially sexually suggestive scenes and racial graffiti messages to highlight racism and vandalism:

5. Remember The Time

Michael Jackson embraced his fascination with ancient Egypt with Remember the Time, which starred Eddie Murphy and supermodel Iman. The video was promoted as a documentary and was one of Jackson's longest videos at nine minutes long:

6. Billy Jean

The music video for Billy Jean is widely considered to be the video that helped make MTV into a mainstream music TV channel and is considered to be one of the best music videos of all time:

7. They Don't Really Care About Us

The music video for They Don't Really Care About Us is one of Jackson's most controversial and he had to go to court to overturn an injunction preventing him from showcasing the poverty of Rio's slums. Thanks partly to Jackson's involvement, Rio is now now a model for social development:

8. Ghosts

Ghosts was a short film co-written by horror novelist Stephen King and has been honoured as the longest music video of all time. The video is just over 39 minutes long and features three songs - Ghosts, Is It Scary and 2 Bad:

9. Bad

Bad is an 18-minute-long short film directed by Martin Scorsese that features street gang dancing in Brooklyn and is heavily influenced by the 1961 film West Side Story:

10. Earth Song

The environment-focused music video Earth Song from 1995 was shot on four continents and won several awards including the Le Film Fantastique: Best Video Award in 1996, the 1995 Doris Day Music Award at the Genesis Awards and a Grammy nomination for Best Music Video, Short Form in 1997. Earth Song remains Jackson's top-selling single of all time: