Hawaii volcano
Hawaii's active Kilauea Volcano erupted in June, causing lava to flow on to roads and into the ocean. Getty

Hawaii's largest island has declared a state of emergency as lava from an active volcano is flowing towards people's homes.

The lava flow from Kilauea volcano is now less than a mile from houses in Ka'ohe Homesteads, said county mayor Billy Kenoi.

He told residents on Hawaii Island, also known as the Big Island, to monitor emergency services' news updates and prepare to be evacuated from their homes.

Kenoi said: "We are taking this step to ensure our residents have time to prepare their families, their pets, and their livestock for a safe and orderly evacuation from Ka'ohe in the event the flow continues to advance."

Hawaiian newspaper, the Honolulu Star, reports the lava could reach houses within days.

Kilauea volcano, on the south-eastern section of Hawaii's Big Island, erupted in 2007.