Those who believe that there is life beyond earth in the form of aliens may find the videos shared by a number of Hawaiians as something really interesting. For a number of Hawaiians, the wait is already over because they claim that aliens are already on earth after seeing an unidentified flying object.

A number of Hawaiians have claimed that they saw an alien UFO in the skies of Oahu last Tuesday. The said object was glowing and has an oblong shape. As per the reports, the glowing object was hovering in the sky before taking a nosedive into the ocean. Those who witnessed the phenomenon brought it immediately to the attention of the Federal Aviation Administration. Not only that, but 911 was also called in.

New York Post reported that the residents of Oahu in Hawaii saw the object at around 8:30 in the evening. There were also those who took videos.

A local news outfit, Hawaii News Now, reported that multiple videos were taken of the unidentified object, which was described as a "glowing, oblong mass." Since the FAA was prompted by residents, its officials gave a statement on the incident.

FAA officials noted that at the said time, there was no aircraft incident or accident in the area. However, many witnesses attested to seeing the blue glowing object hovering and eventually diving into the water.

? HONOLULU, Hawaii - An unidentified flying object spotted in the evening sky over Leeward Oahu prompted witnesses to call 911 on Tuesday. The sighting happened about 8:30 p.m. There are multiple videos of what appears to be a glowing‚ oblong mass.#Hawaii #UFO

— Maksel (@GregMaksel) January 1, 2021

In a video that has already circulated on social media, a woman can be heard saying that something was in the sky. She also asked what the object was.

Misitina Sape narrated to Hawaii News Now that she was able to capture the image at 8:26 p.m. in Nanakuli, specifically near Haleakala Avenue. Another woman, 38-year-old Moriah, also attested to having seen a like object. This time around, it was passing over the Princess Kahanu Estates.

She said that she was not a believer in aliens but the object was so intriguing that her entire family jumped in the car and they followed it. In a video, Moriah could be heard saying that it landed into the water, whatever it was.

Some Hawaiians claim seeing a UFO in the skies. Photo: Pixabay

According to Moriah, they called the cops, and while the officers were trying to figure out what the thing was, her husband looked up and saw a second light. This time around it was white and was smaller, and that it was also coming in the same direction as the glowing blue oblong unidentified flying object.