Sam Smith was gifted with a giant marble statue of a penis by none other than Ed Sheeran. Surprisingly, the "Stay With Me" singer is not the first to receive one of Sheeran's phallic gifts, and the "Supermarket Flowers" singer has finally revealed why he does so.

Smith revealed that Sheeran had given him the statue through an episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show." The penis statue weighed over two tons and was as tall as six foot two. "I'm gonna have to get it craned into my house," Smith commented.

Clarkson asked Smith what the singer planned to do with the 4,000-pound piece, and Smith responded that they were planning to turn it into a fountain, though it was going to be a difficult feat. The singer, who sang the recent hit "Unholy," also revealed to the talk show host that they were apparently not the first to receive this kind of present.

Ed Sheeran revealed in an episode of "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" that singer, composer, and pianist Sir Elton John was reportedly the cause of the whole uproar. He admitted that the "Rocket Man" has constantly bought him "odd gifts, like sexual sort of objects" over the course of his career, Pride reports.

The "Bad Habits" singer wanted to return the favour, so he commissioned a giant marble statue penis for John's birthday last year. "I got this huge, floppy droopy thing," Sheeran explained, "I gave it to him for his birthday and Elton was over the moon about it. And then it got out into the press that I had done it because Elton's talking about it, I was talking about it, and then I would be doing interviews, and people would be like, well, can I have one?"

Sheeran recalled that Smith had seen one of the penises and asked him, "Can I have one?" The English singer-songwriter said, "What would you like?" to which Smith replied, "One the size of me. One that's 6-foot-2."

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