Today marked the start of a road to some semblance of closure for those, who lost loved ones in Britain's worst ever footballing disaster. The Prime Minister said he was sorry to the bereaved families of the victims of Hillsborough. In 1989, ninety-six Liverpool supporters were crushed to death at Sheffield club's stadium, where they'd gone to watch their team's FA Cup semi-final match against Nottingham Forest. This morning a report with details of documents - kept secret from the relatives all these years - was also handed over.

"Mr Speaker, because of what I have described as the second injustice - the false version of events - not enough people in this country understand what the people of Merseyside have been through. This appalling death toll of so many loved ones lost was compounded by an attempt to blame the victims. A narrative about hooliganism on that day was created which led many in the country to accept that somehow it was a grey area. Today's report is black and white. The Liverpool fans were not the cause of the disaster. The panel has quite simply found no evidence in support of allegations of exceptional levels of drunkenness, ticketlessness or violence amongst Liverpool fans, no evidence that fans had conspired to arrive late at the stadium and no evidence that they stole from the dead and dying. Mr Speaker, I'm sure the whole House will want to thank the Bishop of Liverpool and his panel for all the work they have done, and I am sure that all sides will join with me in paying tribute to the incredible strength and dignity of the Hillsborough families and the community which has backed them in their long search for justice. While nothing can ever bring back those who have been lost, with all the documents revealed and nothing held back the families, at last, have access to the truth, and I commend this Statement to the House."

Written and presented by Marverine Cole.