Nancy Dell'Olio
Nancy Dell'Olio Reuters

Ready to flaunt her assets, Nancy Dell'Olio said age means "virtually nothing" to her and posing nude for a Playboy magazine would be an "honour" for her.

Former "Strictly Come Dancing" participant Dell'Olio, 50, was speaking at a celebrity "soapbox" function organised by the Huffington Post UK at a Westfield shopping complex in east London, according to the Mirror.

"I think the idea of age is a thing of the past. For me it means virtually nothing. Confidence, sensuality, energy, determination - these are all things that I feel now more in life than I have ever felt before," Dell'Olio said.

The former girlfriend of ex-England football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson said, "As a society and individuals we develop a preconception about how people should behave at different stages of life. And unless you challenge this belief, it can become hard to break out of certain boundaries and live your life with no restrictions. To live outside the box is a state of mind."

She said she would be "honoured" if Playboy magazine approached her for a nude photoshoot. She also believes that Harry Judd is the deserving contestant to win the competition, as the semi-final of the dance competition is going to be held this week.

"I want all of them to win but I think Harry will win, and he deserves to win. My experience on 'Strictly Come Dancing' was one of the most incredible and extraordinary experiences I've had in my life. It was the right moment in my life to happen, the best part of my life has just started in some ways," she told the Mirror.

"The dancers come on there (Strictly) - they're 30, they see me at 50 and they want to have my body. They are inspired to be like me. In this society, age doesn't mean anything," Dell'Olio added.