A lot of people misunderstand the concept of minimalism. It is not based on the bare minimum. Today, it is a streamlined technique that focuses on what a person, brand, or company has to offer. The fluff is gone, with facts taking center stage. This is how Armin Misaghi & Somayeh Noor took their respective industries by storm.

Armin Misaghi & Somayeh Noor
Armin Misaghi & Somayeh Noor Armin Misaghi & Somayeh Noor

Armin Misaghi is one of the hottest personalities in the reemerging field of radio. Based in Atlanta, GA, this 29-year-old has established himself as an influencer with more than 100,000 Instagram followers and a Facebook audience of 7,500. He embraced pandemic lockdowns by launching two creative platforms which attracting a lot of attention in a very short period of time. This was due to his unique ability to connect with listeners and convey positive energy. Misaghi's charisma is undeniable, even when all we can hear is a voice and not see a face.

Somayeh Noor, a native of Qatar, challenged the patriarchal culture by earning a degree in electronic engineering. She then began intense self-education in investing, a field that is not considered socially acceptable for women. Today, Noor enjoys tremendous success in real estate, where she has made her fortune. Her book "The Success Vitamins" is targeted to those who want to achieve their own goals and empower them. Noor has a particular interest in women's advancement in business and other positions of power.

Armin Misaghi & Somayeh Noor achieved their journeys to the top of their industries with a minimalist approach. They focused on the hustle, that is, worked energetically to be assertive and competitive in their fields. Misaghi is capitalizing on this by embracing the radio renaissance while Noor is breaking out of traditional gender roles. Both of them are forces to be reckoned with as they are very different yet entirely alike at the same time.