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Withings ScanWatch 2
Withings ScanWatch 2

Introducing the Withings ScanWatch 2, a revolutionary device that's not just a timepiece but a guardian of your well-being. Its advanced features and cutting-edge technology make it the ultimate companion for those prioritising their health. Here's a comprehensive review of its outstanding benefits:

  • Phenomenal 30-day Battery Life: Say goodbye to the constant hassle of charging with the ScanWatch 2's remarkable 30-day battery life. Enjoy uninterrupted health monitoring without the need for frequent recharges.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG): Experience medical-grade ECG monitoring right on your wrist. Detect potential cardiac anomalies and receive a cardiovascular assessment within 30 seconds, providing invaluable insights into your heart health.
  • Sapphire Glass: Built to last, the ScanWatch 2 features durable sapphire glass, offering superior protection against scratches and everyday wear and tear.
  • Water-resistant 5ATM: Whether you're swimming laps in the pool or caught in a sudden downpour, rest assured that your ScanWatch 2 can handle it all with its impressive water resistance of up to 5 atmospheres.
  • 24/7 Temperature Tracking: Track your body temperature around the clock, allowing early detection of potential illnesses by monitoring temperature variations throughout the day and night.
  • Respiratory Insights: Gain valuable insights into your respiratory health by measuring blood oxygen levels and assessing part of your respiratory system. Stay proactive about your well-being with continuous monitoring.
  • Proactive Health Tracking: With the exclusive TempTech24/7 Module, ScanWatch 2 revolutionizes daily care by providing real-time health data and notifications in case of any baseline shifts, empowering you to take control of your health proactively.
  • World Premiere Day & Night Temp Tracking: For the first time, a health wearable offers baseline day and night temperature fluctuations, aiding in the early detection of illnesses or health conditions. Manage performance and recovery effectively with insights into workout temperature variation zones.
  • TempTech24/7 Module: The breakthrough TempTech24/7 Module combines a miniaturized heat-flux sensor with a temperature sensor, heart rate monitoring, and accelerometer input calibration for precise body temperature assessment.
  • Heart Health Notifications: Stay informed about your heart health with notifications for high and low resting heart rates, irregular rhythms, and on-demand ECG measurements with AFib detection.
  • Advanced Round-the-Clock Tracking: Gain insights from every move with continuous monitoring of temperature, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate variability. Optimize your circadian cycle for better overall health.
  • Sleep Monitoring: Understand your sleep patterns better with insights into breathing disturbances and oxygenation levels while sleeping. Daily, wake up to a Sleep Quality Score and delve into detailed sleep data.

The Withings ScanWatch 2 is more than just a smartwatch; it's a comprehensive health companion designed to empower users to take charge of their well-being. Its advanced features, long-lasting battery life, and sleek design make it the perfect blend of style and functionality. Experience the future of health monitoring with the Withings ScanWatch 2.