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A 103-year-old man from India has taken social media by storm after it came to light that he married a woman almost half his age.

Habib Nazar married 49-year-old Firoz Jahan last year in the Itwara region of Bhopal. However, the marriage only made headlines after a video of the wedding ceremony went viral on social media.

The video shows the groom returning home with his new bride in an autorickshaw as people surround them to congratulate them.

"Kisi cheez ki kami nahi hai. Kami hamare dilon mein hai (I don't feel a shortage of anything. I only feel loneliness)," Nazar could be heard saying in the video.

This is Nazar's third marriage. He decided to marry Jahan due to the loneliness he felt after his second wife's death.

"I'm 103 years old, and my wife is 49. I got married for the first time in Nashik," Nazar told reporters in a conversation. "After she passed away, I went to Lucknow to tie the knot again. My second wife also left for the other world. I was feeling lonely. So I married again," he added.

This is Jahan's second marriage. She was also living alone after her husband's death. She decided to marry Nazar because there was no one to look after him. She says that the decision to marry Nazar was her own, and no one forced her to do it, according to a report in NDTV.

In a similarly bizarre incident reported from India recently, an Indian con man married at least 35 women over the past ten years so he could rob them of their money, jewellery, and property.

The 35-year-old man had been identified as Mahesh KB Nayak. He reportedly began his elaborate scam in 2014 and met his victims through matrimonial websites. He would pose as an engineer or doctor and pretend that he was financially independent.

He would target single, financially independent women and, in some cases, divorcees or widows.

Some women fell prey to his deceit, but some managed to spot errors in his story. His poor command of English is what gave him away in certain cases. Even though he claimed to be many things, he studied only until the fifth grade.

He would have continued his scam if his latest victim had not approached the police. Nayak was arrested by Mysuru police after one of his victims, a software engineer working in Bengaluru whom he married last year, filed a complaint against him months after their marriage.

According to local police, Nayak demanded money from the woman so he could start his clinic and threatened to kill her when she refused to do so. He eventually fled with her jewellery worth Rs 800,000 (£7,530) and Rs 1.5 million (£14,118) in cash.