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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List
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If you're one of the many who's suffering from "what-do-I-get-them?!" anxieties this holiday season, then it's time to ditch the frantic last-minute grabs. Generic mouse pads, socks and the dreaded gift card to the big electronics store can give the impression that you've spent no effort checking your loved ones off your Christmas list.

That's why we're bringing our best picks for this year that Santa most probably forgot to pack in his sack. This curated list features the most imaginative tech choices that would have made the perfect pit stop in your friend's and family's homes.

Best Christmas Gift for People with Hearing Needs:

Earzz Smart Home Alerting Assistant

Earzz Smart Home Alerting Assistant

Ever worry you'll miss important sounds such as your baby's gurgle, the smoke alarm's insistent chirp, or a knock at the front door when you're upstairs? Earzz has got you covered.

This AI-powered device can listen for the noises that matter most to you, and send real-time alerts to your phone, tablet, or even smartwatch, no matter where you are. It's like having a third ear to capture unique soundscapes and help you understand and connect with your environment in a whole new way.

You can choose the sounds you care about, from everyday essentials like alarms and doorbells to the unique chimes of your washing machine or the bark of your beloved pup. Earzz's ever-growing sound library and advanced AI never record or store audio data, so your privacy is always protected.

Powering your Earzz Smart Home Monitor is a convenient rechargeable battery for up to eight hours of wireless operation, or plug it in for uninterrupted sound detection. Once you've chosen your ideal location for the device, you can configure your Earzz through the dedicated app, which is compatible with iOS and Android. The app guides you through setting up your desired sounds and tailoring personalised alerts.

Best Christmas Gift for Reclaiming Your Quiet Power:

Loop Switch Earplugs

Loop Earplugs

This device combines the functionality of three different earplugs into one sleek, efficient design to effortlessly transition between Engage, Experience, and Quiet modes based on your surroundings. Whether you're unwinding in solitude or grooving on the dance floor, the Loop Switch makes managing your sound environment simpler than ever.

It scores high on multi-level noise reduction, providing 17 to 25 dB (SNR) of coverage, so that your hearing is protected in a variety of settings. In Quiet Mode, enjoy a serene escape with 25 dB (SNR) of noise reduction, perfect for immersing yourself in tranquillity. Experience Mode offers 21 dB (SNR), reducing volume while maintaining crystal-clear sound quality. It's ideal for live events and performances. Engage Mode, with 17 dB (SNR), softens background noise while keeping speech clear, facilitating easier conversation in social settings.

The sleek mechanical dial allows you to shift between these precisely engineered coverage modes. With Loop Switch, you're always in control of your auditory environment, ready to adjust to the ideal volume with ease. When you go from late-night parties to early morning commutes, it's ready for anything.

Best Christmas Gift for Music Junkies:

Sennheiser RS 175-U

Sennheiser RS 175-U

These closed, circumaural headphones offer an exceptional digital wireless audio transmission for a more unique listening experience with crystal-clear sound. Boasting a remarkable transmission range of up to 328 feet per 100 metres (line of sight), the RS 175-U ensures you enjoy your music, movies, or games.

Users adore its versatile listening modes that let them switch between dynamic bass and virtual surround sound. This feature enables situational sound customisation to enhance your home entertainment system like never before. The headphones support both analog and digital audio inputs, with the convenience of toggling between them. And the controls are intelligently designed for maximum ease of use, allowing you to immerse yourself in the audio experience without any distractions.

The RS 175-U's multi-purpose transmitter also functions as an 'easy-charge' cradle and docking station. It can support up to two pairs of headphones simultaneously, making it ideal for shared listening experiences.

Best Christmas Gifts for Aspiring Chefs and Home Cooks:

Anova Precision® Cooker 3.0

Anova Precision® Cooker 3.0

Who says you can't cook like a pro? Thanks to Anova, you can create delectable dishes through sous vide (pronounced soo-veed) cooking right at home. By sealing food in an airtight pouch and gently heating it in a precisely controlled water bath, the low-and-slow approach ensures evenly cooked with incredibly tender results every time.

The Anova Precision® Cooker 3.0 maintains precise water temperature on your meats, seafood, and even vegetables, so your food cooks evenly and perfectly. Once you set the temperature and timer, you can walk away and let the water bath do its work. No more overcooked or undercooked meals, thanks to the gentle, slow cooking that preserves moisture and tenderises even the toughest cuts of meat. This traps all the natural juices and flavours of the food. You get nothing but richer and more intense taste.

Instant Pot Pro Plus Smart Multi-Cooker WIFI 5.7 L

Instant Pot Pro Plus Smart Multi-Cooker WIFI 5.7 L

The secret to delicious, effortless meals is now out in the open. This 10-in-1 wonder replaces your appliances with one smart device. It pressure cooks, slow cooks, steams, sautés to help you prepare more than 1,400 recipes on autopilot. You can have delicious meals in a fraction of the time, and that means weeknights just got a whole lot easier.

This energy-efficient cooking buddy also uses up to 80 per cent less energy than your oven, so you won't have to worry about high utility bills or excessive heat in your kitchen unlike in traditional ovens. No doubt, it's your eco-friendly partner in the kitchen.

And with the NutriBoost technology feature, it gently pulses food during cooking to intensify vitamins, flavour, and texture for healthier meals. Every meal you prepare is definitely packed with more nutrients.

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

Ditch the greasy oils and embrace healthier, faster cooking with this state-of-the-art air fryer. Breville designed it to blast your food with superheated air, creating crispy textures and juicy interiors without a drop of deep-frying fat. Enjoy guilt-free fries, perfect wings, and even roasted vegetables, all while saving time and energy compared to the oven. It's a kitchen revolution for health-conscious foodies and busy cooks alike.

This air fryer is infused with Element IQ® technology and PID temperature control that distributes heat with its six independent quartz heating elements. You can be sure that power is channelled exactly where it's needed to get perfectly cooked dishes every time. Whether you're baking, roasting, or toasting, this oven adapts to your culinary needs, providing stable and precise temperatures.

With its ample 1 cubic foot interior, it's capable of toasting nine slices of bread, roasting a turkey, or air frying delectable French fries. It even boasts dehydration capabilities so you can prepare healthy snacks with ease. The oven is equipped with 13 cooking functions, including unique settings for pizza, cookies, and slow cooking, all accessible through an intuitive LCD display.

Best Christmas Gift for Coffee Aficionados:

Wacaco Minipresso GR​​

Wacaco Minipresso GR
Wacaco Minipresso GR

Craft barista-worthy brews, wherever you roam with this portable espresso machine that fits in your bag. If you're always craving for an authentic espresso fix, ditch the bulky machines and cramped pods and let this bullet, which Wacoco claims to be the lightest, smallest and most versatile espresso machine, do the work.

Oh, and it doesn't need electricity, N20 cartridges, or compressed air to function. Just press the semi-automatic piston to pump and start grinding the coffee beans to get that delightful pure extracted flavourful taste of ground coffee in your mug.

Best Christmas Gifts for Homeowners:

Wyze Cam Pam v3

Wyze Cam Pan v3

This camera is a must-have for home security technology. It offers both indoor and outdoor surveillance, featuring a full 360-degree pan and a 180-degree tilt capability. It's built to endure the elements, boasting an IP65 weather-resistant rating, ensuring reliable performance no matter the weather conditions.

The automatic motion-tracking feature is a game-changer: when motion is detected, the camera follows and records the action. This upgraded version comes with a tracking motor so quiet, it won't disturb sleeping babies or anxious pets.

And with its unique Privacy Mode, a simple tap in the Wyze app turns the camera 180 degrees downwards. This feature is perfect for those moments when you need a little extra privacy in your space.

You'll also love the advanced Color Night Vision technology that captures every detail in vivid colour, even in low-light conditions. For interactive communication, the camera includes two-way audio so you can speak through the app and listen to responses. Other features include custom detection zones, motion and sound detection alerts, and the ability to receive notifications for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Eufy Clean 11S MAX

Eufy Clean 11S MAX

At just 2.85 inches in height, the RoboVac 11S delivers exceptional suction power for deep cleaning performance on both floors and carpets. Equipped with BoostIQ technology, it intelligently increases suction power when needed, guaranteed to clean even difficult areas such as under the furniture and corners that traditional vacuums often miss.

It also offers up to 100 minutes of cleaning on a single charge, making it perfect for larger homes or more thorough cleaning sessions. Set it to clean while you're at work or out, and be amazed at how freshly vacuumed your home will be. No more rushing to do chores before your important guests arrive!

iRobot Wifi Connected Roomba® i7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

iRobot Wifi Connected Roomba® i7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

This advanced vacuum cleaner is your smart home companion that learns the layout of your home and cleans exactly where and when you need it. Whether it's a specific spot near your sofa or a general tidy-up, this robot vacuum is up to the task. The Smart Mapping technology helps the device distinguish between the different areas of your home, allowing you to set Clean Zones for high-traffic areas and Keep Out Zones for places you want it to avoid, such as pet food bowls.

One of the standout features of this robot vacuum is its integration with voice assistants, Google Assistant and Alexa. Just say "Roomba, clean under the kitchen table," and watch it spring into action, thanks to the intuitive iRobot Home App. And with its 10x Power-Lifting Suction feature, it can capture 99 per cent of pollen and mould and ensure that dust stays out of sight and off your hands.

For those who dread emptying the vacuum, the Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal allows the vacuum to empty itself into an enclosed bag system for up to 60 days.