The adage "Don't be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams" couldn't ring more true for YouTubers CupcakeJemma, Dina Tokio and Suli Breaks. After deviating from the often-treaded 9-5 route, the online creators have successfully carved out a lane of their own on the video-sharing platform.

Collectively, they now boast almost two million subscribers and are able to make a living from their passion after taking what Suli Breaks – a poet who counts Will Smith as one of his fans – describes as a"leap of faith".

The trio are amongst the 18 stars being spotlighted by YouTube as part of its #MadeForYou campaign – which aims to celebrate the diverse talent thriving on platform.

When IBTimes UK recently caught up with them, they offered some words of wisdom for budding creators hoping to emulate their level of success.

"Everyone is doing everything, so to find that niche thing that maybe doesn't exist or something that does exist but knock it out the park and do it really, really well," says baker extraordinaire Cupcake Jemma. "It is hard but it's totally possible with YouTube. You can literally do it all my yourself in your room for no money and become a star."

According to fashion vlogger Dina, it's about staying true to your authentic self. "Everybody's got that sixth sense kind of feeling if they are comfortable, if they are going against their own morals, or whatever it is. As long as you're comfortable and your know what your are doing is within your boundaries – what ever you live by – then go ahead and do it!"

For those currently at a crossroads and undecided about whether path to take, Suli says the transition will be organic. "If you are going into the creative industry, try and balance it with whatever you are doing at the moment until it comes to a point," he explains. " A lot of a people say to me 'how do you know when to stop everything and do what you are doing creatively'. The point becomes evident. It's still a leap of faith but there's more evidence and more affirmation."

To celebrate the campaign, a one off group portrait of the 18 online influencers was captured at the National Portrait Gallery. The likes of beauty vlogger Tanya Burr and stuntman Colin Furze were also on hand to pose with some iconic paintings providing the stunning backdrop.